The speed your wesbtie appears on your customers browser is very important as a slow website will significantly reduce your customers experiences and google will penalise you for exactly this reason.

I will be writing a specific step about website speed later but one of the biggest problems is image size. Your images are two big both in physical size and compression. takes care of both of these problems and it is free to use and very fast. All images that I upload to this website I run through Squoosh beore I do.

Take the image for this post above – I created the image in Canva (review coming) to the correct size and it was 290KB – once run through Squoosh it reduced it to 56KB (an 81% reduction)

The best feature of the Squoosh website is that it lets you see the original image against the compressed image size so you can immediately see if text on an image is still readable.

Check out one of your images today. Simply right click on an image on your website and then upload it to Squoosh to see how much small your website images can be. Remember smaller images = faster website = Happier Customer = Happier Goole.

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