How can we help you grow your Local Business?

The short answer to this is we don’t know yet.

Every business is different and what’s worked in the past for one local business may not be the best suggestion for your business.  Your company may also have the best website ever or no website at all.

So giving general advice is not very helpful for you.

This is why Local Businesses find our mentoring service so useful.  We take time to learn a little about your business and your digital experience levels and then help you come up with a plan, implement it, monitor it and automate it.

We are based in Bath in the UK and are happy to work with clients all over the world using remote meetings.  However, if you are local to Bath then we are happy to come to your place of work and meet face to face.

Should we work together?


But let’s consider 3 questions first…


    Can we offer you a good return on your time and money investment?


    Do you trust us and our advice?


    Do we both think we can help you?

    If the answer to ALL of these questions is Yes then we should work together.  If any are No, then you probably need to keep looking for someone else.

    The problem is that we cannot answer these three questions until we start to learn more about each other.

    But you don’t want to part with your money until you know the answers. 

    This is where most marketing agencies will ask you to take a leap of faith.  But we are different.

    We take a four phase approach to implimenting a step with you and can offer you the first phase completely free.



    Assessment and Plan

    We work with you to review your current situation and requirements.  At the end of this stage we should have the Local Business Step defined that is the most important.

    Train, Educate and Impliment

    During this phase we will give you an overview of the step and provide you with resources to set the setup for yourself. We will also help you set everything up but we are not a “do it for you” agency as we like to ensure you are self sufficient and don’t need to pay us a monthly retainer just to keep a step working.

    Monitor and Tweak

    We help you measure the success of the Step and work on testing tweaks to make it even better.


    Once you have implemented the step and have full monitoring in place we will work with you to delegate it to an internal or external team member or better still fully automate it. This way you have your time back to start the process again or focus on your next business priority.

    We worked with Roger when we set up the business. 

    His views on websites and keyword research have, without a doubt, helped us get to numbers 1 and 2 for our main keywords and now generate most of our inquiries.

    The business is still only 6 months old but as a result of Roger’s work, we have recently increased our stock of fencing equipment available for hire and increased our target for 2022.

    Harry Rich

    Owner, Fencing Machinery

    Roger has been instrumental in helping us get our sandwich shop up and running. 

    Our first step was an online shop linked to our tills,  and our second step was our Google Profile and reviews.

    We now have both online and offline customers for our sandwiches and a wonderful set of 5-star reviews.

    Could not recommend Roger enough – his opinions have helped us focus on the items that make the biggest improvement.

    Tom Carter

    Owner, A Local Business Sandwich Shop

    I met Roger about a year ago and have been very impressed with his approach and knowledge.

    I love to sharpen things but I am not the world’s most IT literate person.  Roger has been very patient and kind in helping me redo my website and Google Profile.

    I now have a website I am proud to point people to, get inquiries almost every day, and have 90 great reviews on Google.

    What’s more, I know Roger is not going to rip me off or bamboozle me with marketing jargon.  Priceless!

    Martin Prior

    Owner, A1 Sharpeners

    Your Next Step?

    If you would like us to complete a free assessment and plan for you then complete the form below and we will email you more details.  We will need about a hour of your time on a call to complete this.

     At the end of the assessment you can either take our advice and walk away or choose to work with us on implimenting your first Local Business Step. 

    The choice is yours and the Assessment is completely risk free.


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