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Steps to Grow your Local Business

Passion is at the heart of any local business.  Passion for your craft, passion for the people and passion for your community.

This site is aimed at helping you grow that passion and your business footprint. 

We’ve documented lots of steps you can take to make improvements to all aspects of your business.  Each step is designed to be completed within a day or give you enough information to employ an expert without being bamboozled by them.

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Latest Steps

Create Your Ideal Customer Profile.

Create Your Ideal Customer Profile.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone who came to your website, or stepped into your shop, fit your ideal customer profile? They spent money on your highest margin products, came back every week, and told all their friends about you.    It may sound simple, but...

Empty Your Head

Empty Your Head

As an owner of a local business, you’re thinking about a lot of things right now.  As you have decided to read this Step you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed.  When this happens to me I clear my head by emptying it onto a piece of paper. Before you start this...

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Complex Terms Simplified

We try to simplify terms such as digital marketing, social media, pay per click by using analogies that equate to an offline world.  For example, your website is your tradeshow booth and your free gift is like the sample tasting at the front of the supermarket. 

You will find many more in the steps contained on this site and we hope it helps you to plan your journey forward.

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The Right Tools

Tools and Resources

There are many books, tools, podcasts and websites out there but which ones really help and which ones will just consume your precious time?

Our Recommend Resources section only includes resources that we actually use.  Not just once but every day.



Latest Resources

Squoosh App Review

Squoosh App Review

The speed your wesbtie appears on your customers browser is very important as a slow website will significantly reduce your customers experiences and google will penalise you for exactly this reason. I will be writing a specific step about website speed later but one...

The One Thing Book Review

The One Thing Book Review

Something the simple things make the biggest impact and this book certainly does just that. Success in business is all about focus. Focus on the things that make the biggest impact today, this week, this month or this year. If you are not working on an item that fits...